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YA lit meme : 01/10 series or book → Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

❝ And we are quotation marks, inverted and upside down, clinging to one another at the end of this life sentence. Trapped by lives we did not choose. It’s time, I think, to break free.

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I’m #michelangelo. Find out which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle you are at www.teenagemutantninjaturtlesmovie.com


I’m #michelangelo. Find out which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle you are at www.teenagemutantninjaturtlesmovie.com

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Years ago, when I first started blogging about writing and my hopes of one day getting published, I ran my first book giveaway to celebrate my birthday. Now, July 5th is the day I set aside to thank you guys for reading my books, for listening to me ramble on Twitter and Tumblr, and for just generally being awesome, book-loving, YA-reading rockstars. You guys are the best birthday present a girl could ask for.

To celebrate I’m giving away ALL of my books, including an early ARC of This Shattered World, plus swag, across five different winners, open internationally*. I’ll be drawing one of the four basic prize winners each Saturday leading up to the final grand prize drawing from the entire pool of entrants on July 31. The first drawing is TONIGHT, so jump on it sooner rather than later!

FOUR BASIC PRIZES: Your choice of any one of the above books signed and personalized, plus signed swag. (ARC of This Shattered World, poster, and custom These Broken Stars necklace are only available for the grand prize.)

ONE GRAND PRIZE: EVERYTHING pictured above! All signed/personalized however you want them. 


  • Newsletter (+5): Enter by subscribing to the newsletter I share with amiekaufman. Each entry here is worth five points in the drawings. (If you already subscribe, you’ve already automatically got these points in the drawing!)
  • Twitter (+1): Retweet this tweet. (Can do this once a day for more points!)
  • Tumblr (+1): Reblog this post. (Can do this once a day for more points!) 

See below for contest fine print and basic contest policy/rules.

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Paramore-Still Into You 

But this ain’t any still into you, lets see what we got here. 

Left ear we got BBCs Big Weekend performance and the acoustic version from 98.7. In the right ear we got the studio version and Live from MTV and in the center we have the Hayleys studio vocals 

(PS. yeah it kinda falls apart a bit at the end but I say I did a pretty good job melding together 5 tracks played at slightly different tempos..) 


it’s like a choir of hayleys 

Omg when she started singing my jaw droped wide open!! It still wide open. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY EARS RIGHT NOW!?!?!? I’TS BEAUTIFUL!!! OMG WHEN SHE GOT TO THE HIGH NOTE IN THE BRIDGE OMG WHAT EVEN!?!?! SO BEAUTIFUL!!


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There’s a new literary tattoo on the blog today!

Also, do YOU have a bookish, literary, or poetic tattoo? Then click the link above to learn how YOU can Be Our Tattooed Guest!

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it just occured to me julian’s second name is literally fine man

as in, wow, julian, you so fine, man

i’m laughing so hard

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So @TheCapitolPN tweeted this

which was promptly deleted. (G-Bb-A-D are the notes to Rue’s whistle.)

But if you had clicked inspect element before it was deleted


"You silence our voices, but we are still heard."

HOW COOL IS THIS MARKETING?!?! Like the rebels are hacking into the capitol’s twitter!!!!

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So, as I promised.. here’s Mijbil Creatures’ Toothless Giveaway! :)

This OOAK figurine is just 1 inch high, handsculpted, handpainted, glazed three times for protection and ready to be adopted, cuddled and trained. :)

Here are the rules - not many, I promise!

- just reblog this post to enter the giveaway

- you do not need to follow me.. but hey, dragons! there are always tiny dragons at Mijbil Creatures, and kittens, and general cuteness, so maybe - maybe - after all it would be an awesome idea to follow me. Just saying..  ;P

- if you could find the time to like my Facebook page, that would also be awesome - still, not mandatory, but you’d gain my endless gratitude :)

- I will ship to any country in the world, so anyone is welcome to join, but please you need to be at least 18 to enter the giveaway

- the winner will be chosen randomly on August 10th 2014

Ok, I think that’s pretty much all.. Good luck everyone, and big hugs from Sweden! <3

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A big part of a book is lost when it becomes a movie.http://daily-harry-potter.tumblr.com




A big part of a book is lost when it becomes a movie.


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My hair is PURPLE!

My hair is PURPLE!